Mr. Fichter has advised all types of businesses, corporations, general and limited partnerships, and sole proprietorships in many different industries, including corporate and business matters and disputes.

Insurance Matters:

Mr. Fichter has analyzed scores of insurance policies for clients, including real estate, commercial, household and self-storage policies, has advised many clients as to their rights under such policies, and has negotiated successfully with insurance companies on behalf of his clients. Mr. Fichter has defended insureds under insurance policy coverage as well, in real estate and business matters, including defending self-storage owners in lawsuits by tenants for damages for conversion, breach of contract, emotional distress, “wrongful sale and disposal”, wrongful eviction, violation of the California Self-Service Storage Facility Act, and related claims.
Mr. Fichter has also acted as designated “Cumis Counsel” in defending insureds against civil actions.

Representation of Homeowners Associations:

Mr. Fichter has represented several homeowners’ associations in real estate and other matters including litigation with adjoining property owners, disputes between the association and individual unit owners, and enforcement of dues and special assessments. Mr. Fichter is fully familiar with the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act applicable to condominiums, and has advised homeowners’ associations regarding By-Laws and covenants.
Mr. Fichter has handled several will contests and disputed matters involving trusts.
Mr. Fichter also advises businesses regarding their labor and employment law concerns and has appeared before state agencies on behalf of employers in employer-employee disputes and quasi-judicial matters.
Mr. Fichter has also appeared before city counsels and other local agencies to argue matters on behalf of clients.